OMOIOSTASIS SA  is active since 2003, as an Holistic, Self-Regulatory and Wellness Center.

The main subject is the investigation of the human homeostatic metabolic functions and specialized counseling for restoring them for optimal performance.

This service is addressed at people who have chronic metabolic dysfunctions, Morbid Obesity, Autoimmune Diseases, Athletes of all sports, and in all cases that need food antioxidant therapy (cardiovascular diseases, malignancies, drug allergies, liver disorders, etc.)

The success of so many years and the experience of our scientific team, define an integrated holistic approach to these problems.

Problems that if not taken seriously with adequate wisdom, effort and patience, only create temporary improvements, which do not solve the real causes.

We are here for anyone who wishes meaningful and robust change of wrong perceptions on eating, exercise and rehabilitation.


The Scientific team is coordinated by Mr Georgios Leon – specialist in the fields of metabolic Physics and Biochemistry.








The OMOIOSTASIS NUTRITION is a comprehensive nutritional program based on the function of the endocrine system of the body.

In the first phase, the hematological and hormonal parameters of the individual are tested, to reveal the functioning of the body and the way the body manages the food fuels. Then specialized anthropometric analysis follows of the body composition (fat, muscle, fluids, etc).

The main phase of the Omiostasis Nutrition Program is to prepare the nutrition plan itself.  The program is specialized and strictly personalized, based on the most recent findings of the nutrition science.

The combinations and the ingredients of the daily menus, ensure that strict lipolytic process is happening in the body, reducing the levels of adipose tissue, without the loss of muscle tissue and body fluids.

The great variety and the sufficient quantity of food, serves the philosophy of the Omiostasis Nutrition Program, which needs the body to not perceive that is under diet.


The intensity and the stresses of everyday life in modern humans, create a series of musculoskeletal problems (low back, cervical pain, headaches, arthralgias, etc.) that are responsible for reduction of the feeling of wellness of the individuals.

Personal trainers of OMOIOSTASIS, based on the needs of each person, plan individual programs to improve the physical condition and monitor the progress of therapeutic exercises for each member.

These programs target the endurance, strength, flexibility, body composition (increased muscle and reduced adipose tissue), improving existing musculoskeletal problems and generally have a beneficial effect on restoring good health and wellness of the individuals.

The Therapeutic exercises are performed in specially designated areas of the center.

Similar programs have been tested first in professional athletes of all sports with excellent results. The scientific team of Omiostasis have adapted them to everyday people, as our members.

New cycle of exercises are introduced to the individuals, at regular intervals, to achieve the goals that have been set, with regards to the physical health, wellness and functionality in daily activities.


What is it?

The SENMOTIC is a manual therapeutic method, applied by a specially educated and skilled therapist, through the application of manual pressure on the fascias of the human body . Fascias are the external coverings of the musculoskeletal tissues that support and connect the body.

Through the steady flow of pressure that the therapist puts on the fascia, the brain gets signals for the existing musculoskeletal imbalances of the body and starts balancing them. Softening of the superficial and deep fascia normalizes the pressure of the fluids in the tissues, helping the toxins, wastes and residues of cellular metabolism being eliminated by the lymph. Also your movements are released and your posture improves. Soon, you feel more relaxed, healthy and active - beneficial effects of SENMOTIC that improve your daily life.

What is it for?

The modern way of living, in many cases result in bad posture and tightening of the physical and psychological body. Inappropriate postures and attitudes result in physical and psychological strain and “cramping” in many parts of our body. The SENMOTIC improves the balance of the outer and inner self, with harmony.

How it works?

In just 10 logically designed sessions, your musculoskeletal system begins to relax with the help of special handling of the therapist in the connective tissues. The body regains its normal state of balance and easy movement, the mind calms down and pains are past.

In what is beneficial?

The SENMOTIC benefits people of all ages with neck pain, back pain and cramps in the legs from tight muscles and other muscle problems. Also applicable for recovery after surgery or accidents.  Used successfully in cases of self-regulation of the endocrine system and metabolic process. Whatever the case, after each session you feel more flexible, more upright, more relaxed and with higher energy.


The SENMOTIC is a prototype system of healing the body. It combines and utilizes the knowledge and experience of von D.Rolf, of Dr. Still and Dr. Williams, who discovered the importance of the balance in the muscular system for the overall wellness of the individual.

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Our center has a medical advisory team, consisting of medical doctors of internal medicine, endocrinology, physical and rehabilitation medicine, microbiology - biopathology, haematology – medical genetics.

These scientists are trained in the fields that omiostasis specializes in and offer the potential of an holistic approach to metabolic homeostasis.


The center OMOIOSTASIS in collaboration with “Health Cartographers” prepares and performs specific cellular and genetic tests for every individual. The results are used to the nutrition planning, according to the Nutrigenomics approach.

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The center OMOIOSTASIS in cooperation with the ergometric section of "LIPOLYSIS" assesses the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal adaptations of the body for accurate mapping of the metabolic process in every individual.

Specially educated personnel, perform the scientific testing, using high technology equipment (using respiratory gases analysis system).

The parameters determined by the above procedure are the following:

  • Energy expenditure, at rest.
  • Energy expenditure, at various intensities of exercise.
  • Determination of the participation (percentage) of energy substrates (fats - carbohydrates) during exercise of different intensities or exercise of specific intensity.
  • Cardiopulmonary endurance (aerobic capacity).
  • The adjustments of the cardiorespiratory system (heart rate, blood pressure, pulmonary ventilation, respiratory frequency) after the implementation of the elaborated programs of exercise.

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